Top Ten Reasons to Record at Pitch-Perfect
10. Pronounced anti-boredom effect
9. Pleasant sensation of "spending one's time well," as opposed to "working lousy stinking job"
8. Friendly hamsters power the environmentally sound, state-of-the-art Radar hard-disc recording system
7. Fully automated digital console with 25 moving faders does not cause vertigo in laboratory animals
6. Musicianship at no extra charge causes unprecedented good-naturedness in laboratory in-laws
5. Wide choice of software plug-ins is not affected by recent political scandal
4. Real drums, real grand piano, and real guitars (and real drummer, pianist, and guitarist) are significant source of Creative Inspiration, which may lead to Peace and/or Tranquility
3. Diebold voting machines are strictly prohibited in acoustically treated recording facility (and there are no actual hamsters on the premises)
2. Full compatibility with Pro-Tools... yet sounds better than Pro-Tools

... and the Number One reason to record at Pitch-Perfect Recording:

#1. $90 an hour for everything, including musicianship, means the songwriter can get pitch-perfect demos for less than $400 -- with a money-back guarantee!