"Steve is on my first-call list of designers because of his unique combination of strengths. He has a great ear, theatrical sensibility, extraordinary musical talent, fine composition skills, a fabulous sense of humor, very powerful equipment... and he really knows how to use all of it. He grasps my vision and adds to it. He is also amazingly collaborative, inventive, and flexible, and the creative process is always a joy. Every time I think I've asked all I can ask of Steve, he comes up with more. His genius is unlimited!"
- Jessica Kubzansky, director

"Mind-bogglingly authentic...""
- Backstage West
Review of "Toys In The Attic" 2003

In 1999 Steve received a Garland Award (presented by Backstage West) for his sound design for "The Memorandum" by Vaclav Havel, directed by Jessica Kubzansky, produced at The Odyssey Theater, Los Angeles. He was also nominated for an L.A. Weekly Award for the same production.

"There is only a handful of designers you know you can count on to grasp not only the technical requirements of a project, but the very spirit of the "big idea" in the vision. With music, Steve does more than just satisfy the style and instrumentation called for. He provides creative input for the big idea. Yes, he's a great musician, but it's his mind that makes him invaluable."
- James Byrkit, director

"19th Century elegance with a modern edge is the theme for the original music and sound design."
- Anne Kelly-Saxenmeyer, Santa Monica Mirror
Review of "Anatol" 2001

"Steve's combination of experience and good tools let him go straight to the sound you're looking for, whatever it may be -- and I mean whatever. He'll do classical piano leading into klezmer into bluegrass into power pop if that's what you need. AND... Steve not only has the toys and knows how to use them, his professionalism and sense of humor make you feel like it's fun."
- Timothy Weber, director