"An excellent studio... if you're looking for the best quality at the lowest price, you need Pitch-Perfect Recording! Steve plays just about any instrument, in just about any style, and he works fast and makes it fun. Oh, and he's really affordable!"

   -- Barbara Cloyd, The Bluebird Cafe, Nashville TN

"Steve is SO respectful of the client's time. He shows this by GIVING his all every minute of the session. Steve accomplishes big tracks in a small amount of time. I am so thankful to be working with Steve. No matter what style of song I give him, I get a track that enhances and uplifts my melody."

   -- Kim Franca, singer / songwriter, Nashville TN

"There is just no other studio like this, anywhere. I can't imagine working on my projects with anyone but Steve, anywhere but at Pitch-Perfect Recording! Steve is absolutely the fastest, most intuitive engineer I have worked with in my long career. He knows his equipment, he knows music, and he is a joy to work with."

   -- Alex Hassilev, "The Limeliters," Los Angeles CA

"I have yet to work with any artist, producer, engineer, or musician as talented and integral as Steve at Pitch-Perfect Recording! I cannot say enough about his work ethic and talent, it is immeasurable."

   -- Melissa Bollea, songwriter, Nashville TN

"When it came time to do my second project for Winthrop Records, I knew I had to use Steve and Pitch-Perfect Recording. Steve's musicianship, engineering, and producing skills are uncanny. If he can make my crap sound good, just think what he can do with yours."

   -- Ty Hager, songwriter / recording artist, Nashville TN

"Over the years, I have worked with Steve and Pitch-Perfect Recording many, many times. Each experience was not just professional and affordable, it was fun and relaxing as well. Pitch-Perfect Recording gave each of my projects excellent attention and the results were awesome every time. Steve really listens to his clients so that they get the great end result they imagined. It just doesn't get better than Pitch-Perfect Recording!"

   -- Sukey Smith, songwriter / playwright, Los Angeles CA

"I don't know what you do in the studio that's different than other engineers, but your stuff always sounds clear and perfect! I love it!"

   -- Vandana Bali, recording artist, San Francisco CA

"Steve's combination of experience and good tools let him go straight to the sound you're looking for, whatever it may be -- and I mean whatever. He'll do classical piano leading into klezmer into bluegrass into power pop if that's what you need. AND... Steve not only has the toys and knows how to use 'em, his professionalism and sense of humor make you feel like it's fun."

   -- Timothy Weber, songwriter / director, Ithaca NY

"Once you've recorded at Pitch-Perfect Recording, you can't record anywhere else. Steve is the best and the greatest!"

   -- Christopher Perez, songwriter / recording artist, Los Angeles CA

"The sound quality is at its best. I'm already getting rave reviews for [my recording] by the people that have heard it. I will be sure to advertise your studio at the Bluebird, on my website and any other way I can help you out."

   -- Spencer Ezell, singer / songwriter, Nashville TN

"Steve and Pitch-Perfect Recording take my songs and make unforgettable masterpieces out of them. I walk in and know that when I walk out, everything is going to be amazing."

   -- Corvin Doyle, songwriter, Nashville TN

"Steve makes it so easy, and somehow he knows exactly what I want. I just e-mail him lyrics and an mp3 of me singing the song [a capella]. He does his magic and within a few e-mails I have a perfect demo -- including a singer. If you ever wanted to record a song or a whole album, and you didn't think you could, or you weren't sure if you could afford it... you haven't met Steve!"

   -- Patty Arbetter, songwriter, Vancouver WA

"I love working with Steve! Being able to explore and experiment with whatever idea arises, Steve is always right there with enthusiasm and willingness to get the idea to work. He is a true music magician with years of experience, plus his incredible musicianship on many instruments adds so much spice to any project. I cannot wait to work with him again!"

   -- Lisanne Cole, songwriter / recording artist, Taos NM

"Steve is on my first-call list of designers because of his unique combination of strengths. He has a great ear, theatrical sensibility, extraordinary musical talent, fine composition skills, a fabulous sense of humor, very powerful equipment... and he really knows how to use all of it. He grasps my vision and adds to it. He is also amazingly collaborative, inventive, and flexible, and the creative process is always a joy. Every time I think I've asked all I can ask of Steve, he comes up with more. His genius is unlimited!"

   -- Jessica Kubzansky, director, Los Angeles CA

"Steve is one of the most talented and pleasant people to work with. I have been working with him for years and have never been disappointed."

   -- Deirdre Smith, director / songwriter / recording artist, Los Angeles CA

"Just wanted to say thanks again. You did a really good job -- I'm very pleased. I highly recommend your services! You definitely know what you're doing!"

   -- Stevie Douglas, singer/songwriter/recording artist, Nashville TN

"Hey Steve, I just wanted to tell you I cannot stop listening to my song! Sometimes I start it over before it is even finished. Thank you so much for such an awesome job! You are so talented and so fast, wow, the way you can just put it together! You are amazing and I am just darn proud of my song!!!! Thank you, thank you!!!! I cannot wait until the next session!!!!!"

   -- Debbie Leung, singer/songwriter, Nashville TN

"You did an excellent job of making my 9th CD a reality."

   -- Roger "Hurricane" Wilson, singer/songwriter/recording artist, Kennesaw GA

"Steve is the BEST!
He can do anything, and he is a marvelous friend and co-conspirator. Anytime I need anything at all, he makes it happen. He is a true Renaissance Man -- he plays every instrument, and he works magic in the studio!"

   -- Mews Small, recording artist / actress, Los Angeles CA

"Hey Steve... I just got through listening to all the songs, and it totally blows me away. I know I've said that over and over, but I've meant it every time I've said it. You just completely outdid yourself. Just beautiful! No words for it... just fantastic. I know my dad has heard his favorite one, and he said he was jumping up and down, and my mom thought he was crazy! He was just thrilled with that one. So, oh my gosh, I can't thank you enough. You know, I don't know if these are the greatest songs ever written, but you've taken them and you've made them so much better than they were. I can't thank you enough. You know, music is such an emotional, personal, intimate thing, and you always made me feel comfortable in the studio, sharing that. And I appreciate that very very much. You were very supportive. Just a totally amazing experience. I'm just overwhelmed by it. You're such a talented guy, in a lot of different ways. What you've done with these are, to me, just totally amazing. So again, thank you so much... SO much, for all your effort. Greatly appreciated."

   -- Jeff Goldy, singer / songwriter, Nashville, TN
      (Hear the audio of Jeff's phone call by clicking here)