Affordable Audio Excellence
Nashville songwriters need demos that compete on Music Row, especially when money is tight. To make our recordings really stand out, we need more than a computer in a garage. We need a real facility with excellent mics and gear. We need a recording space that is specifically designed for music production. We need real drums and a real grand piano. We need an engineer with a huge amount of experience and great ears. We need top-level musicianship. And we need to be sure the experience will be completely rewarding.

"But how much is all that going to cost?"
"Less than $400 per song in most cases."
Sometimes MUCH less.

At Pitch-Perfect Recording 90% of full-band demos cost less than $400. Compare that with the average $1000 price for Nashville demos. With musicianship included in the $90/hour rate, Pitch-Pefect allows maximum efficiency for the artist. Most demos take two to four hours to record at Pitch-Perfect Recording.

How does Pitch-Perfect Recording make such good recordings for so little? By focusing relentlessly on efficiency and quality.

Pitch-Perfect Recording is the place for the solo artist to craft a CD, for the songwriter to knock out some master-quality song demos, for the filmmaker to score a project or complete audio post, or for anyone with high-quality audio needs. And you can try it risk free. Click here for the guarantee.

Songwriters have to shop carefully. Pitch-Perfect Recording is the perfect combination of quality and efficiency for the songwriter. You can afford to compete, and make that perfect pitch!

I'm Steve, owner of Pitch-Perfect Recording, and I will be your engineer, your multi-instrumentalist, and your all-around best friend as we track your songs. I run all the gear, I'll play guitars, bass, drums, piano, keyboards, mandolin, dobro, pedal steel guitar, and/or banjo if you like, and I will make sure that you are happy when it's done. I am FAST, and I am GOOD at recording songs!

Radar has been hailed worldwide as the best digital recording system made. And yes, Pro-Tools projects can be easily loaded into Radar, and Radar projects can be easily loaded into Pro-Tools. Radar provides the best A/D converters in the world, 24-bit recording fidelity, rock-solid reliability, the sound quality of the venerable 2" tape recorder, and the editing flexibility of the digital audio workstation. U2 recorded the Grammy-winning album "Beautiful Day" on Radar... The Dixie Chicks, Willie Nelson, and George Strait use Radar. Pete Townshend owns four of them. Want to see more Radar users? Click here.
The Mics and Pre-amps include the Neumann U87ai (the studio standard for vocals and acoustic instruments)... the AKG 414 (another classic must-have studio mic)... the AKG SolidTube (combining the best of tube and condenser mic technology)... and a closetful of Shure, Electrovoice, Sennheiser, and Audiotechnica mics. The preamps include the Avalon 737 (tube), Avalon M5, Universal Audio LA-610, TL Audio, Focusrite, Aphex, DBX, and Drawmer. Hook the U87 up to the 737, run the output through Radar's unbeatable A/D converters... and welcome to one of the best signal paths in Nashville.

The Space comprises 600 square feet of professionally-designed tracking and mixing rooms. Control room, main room (for drums, guitars, etc.), vocal booth, equipment room... all to maximize sonic quality and isolation.

The Console features 32-bit dynamics processing on every channel (i.e. compression, gating, de-essing), a variety of reverbs and delays, and nearly every available software plug-in, including Antares Autotune, Drawmer Dynamics, Massenburg EQ, and Acuma Final Mix 32-bit mastering. It's a fully automated, 96-channel moving-fader mixer with incredible capabilities. Make complex mixes with every bell and whistle imaginable... and call it all back instantly a month or a year later if adjustments are needed. Everything you need is right there, ready to be plugged into your production and automated to perfection.

The Instruments: Real drums, real Yamaha grand piano, real Fender and Gibson guitars (and Martin, Rickenbacker, Guild, etc.), Gold Tone banjo, dobro (actual Dobro brand), Sho-Bud pedal steel guitar, Old Hickory mandolin... a real nice selection of synths and modules, amps and pre-amps... it all adds up to countless options for expression and creativity. It's all right here. Track, mix AND master, all for $90 an hour.

My forte is working with solo songwriters who don't have a band. In fact, some customers don't even play an instrument -- they hire me to grasp their vision, play a variety of instruments, and get the song(s) on disc. And that raises the price to...

$90 an hour. Musicianship is INCLUDED in the price. This is why it's perfect for the songwriter. This one rate gets you everything, including a copy of the finished product on CD. It includes my engineering and production skills, my multi-instrumental abilities, the great space, and all the toys. I'll even sing if you want me to.

Pitch-Perfect Recording offers:
· Radar 24 digital recorder
· Full, moving-fader automation with endless plug-ins
· Sound-isolated, professional recording rooms
· The best A/D converters available
· Antares pitch-correction
   Melodyne polyphonic pitch-correction
· Pro-Tools compatibility
· Microphones:
        Neumann U87ai condenser (1)
        AKG 414 condenser (1)
        AKG SolidTube tube/condenser (1)
        AKG C3000 condenser (1)
        AKG P170 condenser (1)
        AKG D-112 dynamic (1)
        Sennheiser 421 dynamic (2)
        Shure SM81 condenser (4)
        Shure SM57 dynamic (4)
        Shure SM58 dynamic (2)
        ElectroVoice ND257 dynamic (1)
        AudioTechnica AT2020 condenser (1)
· Mic pre-amps:
        Avalon 737 tube (1 channel)
        Universal Audio LA-610 tube (1 channel)
        Avalon M5 Class A (1 channel)
        Manley TNT (1 tube channel, one Class A channel)
        TL Audio Dual Valve tube (2 channels)
        Drawmer 1960 tube (2 channels)
        Aphex Tubessence (2 channels)
        DBX 760X (4 channels)
· Outboard effects:
        Eventide Eclipse (reverb, etc.)
        Lexicon MPX100 (reverb, etc.)
        DBX 160A Compressor
        DigiTech SmartShift (harmonizer)
· Monitors
        Adam Audio A8X (2)
        Adam Audio Sub 8 (1)
        Yamaha NS-10M (2)
· Real drums and percussion
· Real Yamaha grand piano with disclavier (MIDI capable)
· Keyboards, synths, and sound modules:
        Roland JV-80 synthesizer
        Yamaha Motif tone generator (synth)
        Emu E-64 sampler (synth)
        Alesis DM5 (drum module)
        Scandalli accordion
· Guitars, basses, and other stringed instruments:
        Martin DR Rosewood 6-string acoustic guitar
        Guild JF30 12-string jumbo acoustic guitar
        Fender Stratocaster electric guitar
        Fender Telecaster electric guitar
        Gibson 335 electric guitar
        Epiphone Les Paul electric guitar
        Rickenbacker 360 electric guitar
        Yamaha CG102 classical guitar
        Westone electric bass guitar (fretted and fretless)
        Fender Jazz electric bass guitar
        Fender Precision electric bass guitar
        Palatino upright electric bass
        Dobro resonator guitar
        Sho-Bud Pro 1 pedal steel guitar
        Gold Tone banjo
        Old Hickory mandolin
        Mahalo ukulele
· Guitar amps and effects:
        Marshall JMP (tube)
        Vox (tube)
        Carvin (tube)
        Line 6 Pod XT effect unit
· Nashville Chart writing service
· Relaxed, comfortable, professional atmosphere

Not included:

A staff of receptionists,
copyists, lawyers, & big-shots
who needlessly jack up the
price. A parking garage
that costs thousands of
dollars a month. Lip-
service   to   major
labels,   distributors,
and   attorneys.
Opinions    and
attitude from
a big bunch of
corporate suits
who are just
who gave
up on
long ago
and who
live to
difficult and miserable.

So come on down to the shop, look around, hear some of my past work, play the guitars and the drums... and make that record you always wanted to make. Without selling your house.

Working with my wide range of clients, I have created thousands of works, a few of which you can sample by clicking here.

Questions? See the FAQ page, or send an e-mail, or give a call:

* One rare, incredibly efficient client made twenty masters for $1,640. That's $82 per song. Zowee.